Vacuum Tanker System

- Ideal for cleaning of grease trap, septic tank, pump pit, sump pit (including petrol interceptor in oil station or oil terminal)
- Vacuum tankers of GVW 5 tonnes to 24 tonnes equipped with fully sealed 1,000 to 12,000 litres waste holding tank
- Suction hose can be extended to 1,000 feet distance Service available 24 hours round the clock
- Biodegradable bacteriological degreasing product available for effectively decomposing oil and grease in grease traps
- Water sampling and testing service Rental of portable toilets with cleaning service

Legal Compliance

All services are carried out strictly in accordance with the relevant legislations. We have obtained the Certificate of Disposal of Grease Trap Waste from Environmental Protection Department and the Certificate of Permission for Domestic Liquid Waste Disposal from Drainage Services Department.

Environmental Assurance

- EURO 5 engines with reduced emission and noise
- Tanker body is designed to eliminate leakage of liquid and odour
- Vapour phase exhaust odour eliminator and silencer for vacuum pump
- Stringent quality control check on hosing to prevent leakage at customer premises
- Selection of bio-degradable hygienic bacteriological product
- Freshwater carried in vacuum tanker for instant cleaning
- Meticulous truck maintenance