Hook-lift Service

-Ideal for bulky wastes and construction wastes
-Refuse skip of size 12-20 cubic metres available for rental
-Maximum loading capacity 5-9 tonnes
-Mobile compactor available for rental to hotels and shopping malls for handling dryand wet domestic waste
-Mobile compactor size 15-20 cubic metres, maximum payload 7-9 tonnes
-Mobile compactor equipped with bin-lifting device for handling 240 litres or 660liters plastic bins
-Mobile compactor body is fully sealed to prevent leakage of odour and leachate
-Headroom for refuse ship or mobile compactor is 3.8-4.0 metres

Environmental Assurance

- EURO 5 engines with reduced emission and noise
- Sealed compactor chamber, preventing leakage of liquid and odour
- Waste completely sealed to reduce vermin and insect infestation
- Maintains high standard of hygiene at the customer premises