Cleaning Work in Confined Space

Our project management team includes the following professionals and specialists:
- Professional and chartered engineers
- Registered safety officer
- Qualified EHS supervisor
- Competent Person and Certified Worker in confined space
- First-aider


Scope Of Services

We have various types of specialist vehicles and safety equipment to deal with different types of cleaning work including:

-Cleaning of fuel tanks, grease traps, flushing water tank, sewage tank, pump pit and underground drain
-Dismantling and sludge removal for large-scale sewage treatment plant
-Contaminated soil removal and disposal
-Industrial machinery and systems cleaning
-Tree punning and grass cutting

Product Management

Our Competent Person will conduct risk assessment of the work site before commencing work to ensure the proposal work plan has minimum impact to the environment and meet all the safety requirements. The risk assessment will include the following factors:

- Area size of the work site
- Method of access
- Potential hazards generated during the work
- Plant and equipment for the work
- Environmental constraints, such as water supply, power supply and noise dispersion, etc.

We have different types of safety equipment for confined space works, including gas detector, air blower, tripod, safety rope, and breathing apparatus.Permit-to-work certificate will be issued for each entry into confined space.

Project Photos