Chemical Waste and Clinical Waste Disposal Service

Waylung has extensive experience in chemical and clinical wastes collection and disposal.
We have the following licenses issued by EPD:

- License to collect, transport and dispose of chemical wastes
- License to collect and transport clinical wastes


Service Description

We provide different types of vehicle (5.5-16 tonnes lorry with hydraulic platform) 24 tonnes hook-lift truck, vacuum tanker, etc) to suit different needs.

Our collection service covers the following types of waste:

Chemical Waste
Clinical Waste
- Waste battery (with or without electrolyte)
(include short circuit service)
- sharps
- Waste lubricating oil or engine oil - laboratory waste
- Oil filters, contaminated rags - animal tissues
- Empty chemical containers and paint cans - dressings
- Soil contaminated with oil or heavy metals 4464643643643646464443643646436346436
- Fluorescent lamps and light bulbs
- Oily wastewater from petrol interceptor
in oil station


Environmental and Legal Compliance

Assessment of the chemical wastes and clinical wastes carefully to ensure proper handling and collection procedures are adopted so as to comply with legal and environmental requirements:

- Vehicles with EURO 5 engines with reduced emission and noise
- Collection truck equipped with appropriate safety equipment
- Worker provided with PPE including masks, goggles, gloves and safety shoes
- Disposal procedure strictly complies with EPD’s requirements
- Trip Ticket provided for each disposal service